Gift Cards & Credit

FUIK Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a good idea when it comes to presents.
You can choose between the following Gift Cards;

FUIK Gift Cards 10FUIK Gift Cards 25FUIK Gift Cards 50


NOW also applicable for Apple Wallet!


FUIK Apple Wallet Store Credit

FUIK Gift Cards are now also applicable for Apple Wallet.
So this means that you can use your gift card also as credit.

Follow the below instructions to add this to your Apple wallet


  1. Create FUIK SHOP account
  2. Buy any Gift Card of choice
  3. As soon as we receive payment confirmation we will send your digital credit to your email. (you can choose the email of your choice. Your own or recipient)
  4. Click on the apple wallet icon and follow instructions
  5. Once you have that set, you can always use your credit to make purchases on FUIK SHOP



During this COVID-19 social distance period, we recommend everyone to make use of this FUIK Gift card-credit system