FUIK Recycle Program

Join our FLP FUIK Loyalty Program and turn points in to cash!

If you are a member of our FLP (FUIK Loyalty Program), you get 1x FP (FUIK POINT) for each unit you recycle.
So how does it work:

    • Sign up for FLP
    • Shop and purchase online
    • We deliver
    • We pickup your all your recycled FUIK PET 1 plastics at delivery
    • We credit you 1 FP for each plastic you recycle
    • You can save this credit and as discount for the next order you place

This way not only are you contributing with your health by eating organic but you are also helping recycling, local economy and most important, you are educating yourself, your family and your neighbors about recycling and sustainability.



Many have question us about using plastic.
Customer: "we are in love with the quality of your products, can you ditch the plastic?".
Wel please be kind to read why we choose this method.

First of all, Curaçao has bottlenecks when it comes to agriculture developments.
One main problem is that there aren't enough produce. We did our research and found out that most people waste a lot of food. This is due to the way it is presented or sold to them. For a big family, sure this is convenient. But when it comes to individuals or small families, it can result in waste while other are in need.
One of the other problems is that taking Herbs as an example, people has been doing unfair business by selling in bunches. As customer you buy a bunch of ANG 2.00 today and get 60 grams of herbs and the next day you pay the same amount and get 25 grams.

So this is how we solve some of these problems.
FUIK is extremely conscious about the environment. We have traveled around in search for the best way to tackle some of these bottleneck. We came across PET 1 food grade plastic. PET 1 is the easiest and most recycled plastic in the world.
With this packaging we eliminate the problems above and also others like conservation, hygiene, storage, shelf space, refrigerator space, transport and logistics.
Most of us knows what recycle means, we just need to do it. There are many locations on the island where we can deposit our recycled plastic.

FUIK itself collects all recyclable plastics and deposit this to Green Force Curaçao (you can ask them around). We believe that it all starts from your home. We all need to educate ourselves and encourage others to do so.

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone that commented about the packaging in the past. Some of you who did this in a constructive way. We took the time to explain to you in details about this packaging. FUIK will continue to research and find alternative ways to solve all the problems above in the most sustainable way for our island and planet. 🌎